Top 5 Digital Photography Books for Beginners

A lot of people want to take pictures, but you know what you never hear, “I love taking terrible pics.” Unfortunately, cameras aren’t always that easy to use. In fact, the more capable of a camera that one has, generally the harder it is to take amazing pictures. For instance, an iPhone is easy-to-use, but nobody sees an iPhone photo and has their mind blown.

This is where books can come. These books prove to be invaluable resources for taking your pictures to the next level. There’s a lot of concepts to consider. It can be overwhelming. However, in the right hands, learning photography can be fun, easy, and almost instantly rewarding.

Here’s the top five best books about digital photography for beginners.

1. Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

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This book is a behemoth that offers so much. It includes video training, well-presented text information, and tons of sample photographs. That would be enough, but another great bonus here is that it’s constantly being updated. Another nice thing: do you ever wonder who writes these guide books? Who are they to say? Well, Tony and his wife, Chelsea, have an amazing YouTube channel where you can check out tons of information and guides–totally free. They’re very knowledgable. One only need to watch a few of their videos to get a sense of who they are (and their massive talent).

Price: $9.99


  • Includes robust video training of over 100+ hours
  • Hand-s on practices, question, and 500+ original pictures
  • Free lifetime updates means it will never get stale
  • Electronic version is praised for its multimedia
  • Information is presented in an outstanding fashion
  • Tony has a robust web presence, one can check out his work easily


  • Some users found digital copy hard to use
  • One user said text was unpolished with spelling errors

2. Digital Photography Complete Course

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Boasting clear lessons and robust knowledge, this is one digital photo book that only looks like it should sit on a coffee table. For those looking for a colorful guide to start digital photography, DK has crafted an informative and robust guide to take you from zero to 42 megapixels (this was an attempt at a zero to 60 miles per hour type of metaphor). The book has large pictures and is praised by users for being easy-to-read and easy to learn from.

Price: $18.29


  • Easy to read with ample pictures
  • Recommended for all levels of photographers
  • Well organized content perfect for variety of skill levels
  • include ample step-by-step guides


  • One user found it to be more decorative than substantial
  • One user found visual presentation distracting more than helpful

3. Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure best book, best digital photography books, digital photography manual, how to digital photography


Everyone wants to take great pictures. This book makes taking them that much simpler. It focuses on the fundamentals and proposes a unique model for understanding photography as a triangle; some users found this metaphor very powerful. It has a large selection of images so one can see what the author means, and explores everything from aperture to colored gels, to how to shoot shooting stars.

Price: $14.62


  • Perfect for beginners or anyone who needs a refresher on photography
  • Material is straightforward and easy to understand
  • Many found tips to be easy to remember and digest
  • Users praise book as teaching how to consistently achieve beautiful images


  • One user found book to be extremely tedious
  • A few users found better help elsewhere

4. Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure

Mastering Aperture Shutter Exposure, best digital photography books, digital photography manual, how to digital photography


What better way to get great at taking photos than to conquer its constituent parts? This book breaks the craft down into smaller portions that has helped many beginners take their photos to the next level. That said, it’s not for everyone; this book is definitely for brand new beginners. For those who need a resource just to get them started, this book offers an affordable yet appropriate way to do so.

Price: $3.95


  • Praised as being extremely helpful and informative
  • Many users found definitions and organization useful
  • Can easily make someone with zero experience grasph the basics
  • Well-written and easy to understand


  • Some users found it to be much for beginners
  • More pictures than information
  • One user found book to be repetitive

5. Getting Started In Digital Photography

getting started digital photography, best digital photography books, digital photography manual, how to digital photography

(Amazon Digital)

This is the perfect E-book for those who want a digital experience to learn digital photography. While it’s available in Kindle and Paperback form, this book excels in its inclusion of multimedia. It will teach you how to take your DSLR skills to the next level. Follow along and learn about concepts like shutter speed, aperture, and how to move beyond auto-mode.

Price: $18.75 (25 percent off MSRP)


  • Good basic information about camera terms you’ll need to know (ie: megapixels)
  • Easy introduction to move past “auto” settings
  • Includes broader discussions applicable to any type of digital camera or photography
  • Includes invitation to book Flickr group to take your photos to the next level
  • Perfect book for beginners


  • Does not include discussion of editing software
  • Some found to be a bit too zoomed out of an overview
  • One user found book’s “assignments” to be unchallenging

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