So What is a Boudoir Shoot All About?

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So what’s a boudoir shoot all about? It’s about you. A boudoir shoot can be anything you want it to be and there are so many different reasons to have boudoir photos taken.

Different Types of Boudoir Shoots

Not all boudoir shoots have to be filled with lingerie and sexy poses. Sometimes some of the most beautiful photos are the natural, carefree ones. Your favorite comfy sweater falling off your bare shoulder or you wearing your guy’s favorite jersey can actually make for some very sexy photos.

Style the shoot to match your personality. If you want your shoot to be super sexy and seductive, you can make that happen. If you want your shoot to have a more fun and playful tone, you can make that happen too. You can even have your photos taken outdoors if you want. It really is all up to you.

Here are some different styles of boudoir photos:

Reasons for Getting Boudoir Photos Taken:

There are so many reasons to have boudoir photos taken of yourself. Boudoir photos make great gifts but they can also be just a fun thing to do for yourself.

  • Bridal Boudoir Photos: If you are getting married, these are a great thing to give your Groom right before you walk down the aisle
  • Boudoir photos make great gifts for pretty much any occasion
  • Do it for yourself. It’s a fun, liberating experience that will always allow you to remember how good you looked at that time in your life
  • Bachelorette Party: Doing a group boudoir session is a great activity to do at a bachelorette party
  • You will look stunning. There is no need to feel self-conscious during these shoots. We know every trick in the book and guarantee you will look your absolute best.
  • You get to buy lots of sexy outfits! Use this shoot as an excuse to treat yourself to something special. Go buy some outfits that you usually wouldn’t!
  • It’s a chance to feel truly glamorous for a day. This is your chance to be as girly and as over the top as you want to be.
  • Everyone woman deserves to have one photo of themselves that they look at and think “WOW! Is that really me?!”
Boudoir Shoot Tips:
  • Buy some new outfits that you feel your absolute best in
  • Treat yourself to getting your hair done and a mani/pedi before your shoot
  • Bring a friend. They will help keep you relaxed and looking your best throughout the shoot
  • Find boudoir photos that you really like to help give us an idea of what kind of look and style you want for your shoot
  • Be confident. You are going to look great.

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