River Goddess Boudoir Shoot

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Blog by Catie-Reagan Palmore | Water

Photos by Ashley Halas Photography

I cannot imagine how much fun Ashley Halas and her model must have had during this shoot! Looking through the series, I can almost feel the warm sunshine on my skin and hear the waves of the creek gliding by. They couldn’t have picked a better location and time of day to shoot. The sun is at that perfect golden hour glow and the green of the woods is vibrant and beautiful!

Enchanting and carefree are the first two words that come to mind when looking at these photographs. The model’s smile is contagious and makes me feel like dancing. We hope you enjoy this fun-filled shoot as much as we have!

From the Photographer | This beautiful lady has been my hair stylist since I was 12 and walked into the salon and asked her to chop all my hair off. Since then we’ve become family. In college, I babysat her first child and a few years later she was wiping tears from my eyes and making me laugh so she could put my eyelashes on the day of my wedding. This lady is one of the strongest I know. Having married the man she thought she’s love til the end things changed and she unlike many others had the strength to give her babies the life she knew they were capable of living.  She ended her marriage and opened her heart to new beginnings..but first, a dip in the creek for a feel-good photoshoot!

Photographer: Ashley Halas Photography

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