Photographty Styles: Tips to Raise Up Your Techniques

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In a world filled with people snapping blurry, badly composed photos with their mobile phones, wanting something better means setting the bar a little higher. Using a real camera lets you explore the worlds of portrait photography, artistic black, and white pictures, or the incredible effects you can create with different lenses or filters. Let’s look at some photography techniques and explore a few tips for selecting cameras and accessories so you can put away that phone and start looking through that camera lens.


Black and White Photography Tips

When you turn off the color and shoot in black and white, you can produce haunting images that make a powerful statement. If you find black and white photography intriguing, look for a digital single lens reflex camera that includes a RAW setting for the greatest control over your images. The RAW setting often lets you see the black and white image through your viewfinder, allowing you to compose your shot by looking at shapes, textures, and lines rather than having your eye drawn to brighter colors. Darker, gloomier days are ideal for shooting black and white photos.

High Speed Photography Tips

Often done in a studio of some kind, high-speed photography lets you get those amazing shots of balloons in the process of popping or splashing water frozen in time. To experiment with this exciting type of photography, you need to add a strobe flash to your camera gear. The faster the flash, the better the photographs you can get. This type of photography involves ultra-long exposures of anywhere from two to 15 seconds.

Portrait Photography Tips

While it’s easy to relegate portrait photography to a well-lit studio, you can actually get stunning portrait photos using natural light and surroundings. Take time to make your photo subject feel comfortable since one of the real issues in portraits is not the lighting or exposure but the subject’s forced smile and failure to look comfortable. Look for backgrounds that give you some real depth of field. Take advantage of “magic hour” or “golden hour,” that time just before sunset when the light is particularly soft and beautiful, or look for windows when taking interior portraits to allow for directed light.

Fish Eye Photography Tips

Adding a fisheye lens to your DSLR camera opens a new world of fun and creative photos. Try using your fisheye lens at a party or wedding reception with a slow shutter speed to catch amazing photos on the dance floor; the ultimate effect keeps the center of attention in focus while creating a circular blur around the periphery. Fisheye lenses are well-known for creating mind-bending landscape photos that exaggerate the curvature of the earth. You can also use your fisheye to take very wide angle shots with no distortion if you keep the horizon in the middle of the frame.

Panorama Photography Tips

In panorama photography, you create incredible landscapes by stitching together individual photos seamlessly. If you’re interested in taking these kinds of photos, before you buy your new DSLR camera, check to see if it has a panorama stitching mode that helps make the final assembly process easier. Typically, you should expect to create the final panorama on your computer, but you can make that part of the process simpler by using a tripod, focusing manually, making sure you’re using the same exposure and depth of field for every shot and zooming in a bit on each shot.

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