Photographer Tips: How to Create Sexy, Yet Romantic Boudoir Photos

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Studio Freyja is a professional and experienced wedding photographer serving the San Diego, CA and its surrounding areas.

Photography should be personal, it should reflect you and your loved ones. That is why I take the time to ensure that during your session and wedding day, everything is being captured. From the posed moments to the casual interactions, to the nice smiles and the silly faces, it all should be documented.

For this session, I used a pretty simple setup with natural light coming from big windows covered by sheer curtains. The bed itself is actually a couch that folds down and then covered in a white duvet with a backing of white, sheer curtains taped to the wall. Pretty simple, and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it creates a soft, feminine and minimalistic look that highlights the woman in her pictures.

A big part of boudoir pictures is to keep fingers and hands soft. In this picture I had her push her hair back over the edge of the bed, creating a romantic cascade of hair. I then told her to lay her one arm above her head and then the other hand touching her collarbone. In order to create the soft fingers you see on her left hand, I told her to slowly move the hand down toward her bra while I took the shot. Creating that motion makes her fingers long and feminine.

For boudoir sessions, the face doesn’t always have the be the main feature. Here I had her put her right hand lightly on her hip bone while looking out the window. As you can see the focus was on the bra and bust.

I love the fact that you can’t clearly see who this is. It creates a little bit of a mystery. Having her rest her feet on the wall behind her at a slight angle gives the illusion of “mile” long legs.

Ask your model what she is the proudest of and what she wants to show off the most about her body! This lady had worked really hard on getting these abs (she’s a mother of two!!!) and her butt. So obviously we had to do some more dramatic images showcasing her amazing body and the muscles she’s been able to build.

While light and airy is romantic, I love mixing my boudoir shots with some moodier versions. This is where the sexy comes in and where you can highlight some of her best features by using the shadows and lights to your advantage. This image is a combination of her relaxing her facial features while flexing her abs and arm muscles. With the harsher shadows, I am able to give definition to her muscles and create a moody, sexy image.

Incorporate some props, like a cool couch, and just have fun. Keeping your model moving and busy helps to keep them thinking about how much fun they are having and makes them more relaxed. This position when they are laying on their stomach is a perfect pose for someone who might be self-conscious about her stomach but loves her butt.

For this pose I had her cross her feet to create a curvy pose and also helps highlight her butt as it pops up in the air a little bit more. I then had her alternate between looking at me and down on the floor. Having her look down on the floor creates a little bit of a mystery as you can’t see her eyes.

Once again, use some props to create interest. In this instance I had her take her bra top off and use a blanket to cover up. The fact that you can’t see the bra straps, but at the same time nothing is showing by her arm, creates a sexy pose that sparks anyone’s interest. Coupled with a genuine laugh, you have a very sexy image that any significant other would love to receive.

If your model isn’t used to being in front of the camera, she’s probably not super comfortable being in front of a camera half naked either. That’s why it’s important to put the camera down every once in a while and just have a conversation with her. Make jokes, talk about her family, her significant other. There’s nothing sexier than a genuine laugh!

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