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Lesson 17: More on Composition

As you start to learn more on composition, you may want to learn what makes a good photo. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an average photo and a remarkable photograph? How do you know how if a photo works? What makes a photograph outstanding? Is it the setting (or environment), depth-of-field, the subject, lighting (either ambient or artificial), balance, the use of lines, how space is utilized, the uses of color, or contrast?

Photography is about communication between the photographer and the viewer. It’s all about the photographer telling their story through an image. So what makes for a great image? The answer can be rather subjective. Most of us would agree that a great image strikes a chord inside of us. It evokes a strong emotional response in the viewer. But there are also a some tangible elements of a good photography.

Every image must have a clear subject (with some minor exceptions). Perspective plays an import role. The placement of the subject, as well as the background and foreground. Take a moment and how you can see various compositions in these photographs…


We tend to equate horizontal scenes with quiet and tranquility….


We always … automatically look at people’s eyes first.

Or we will look to that part of the scene that stands out – contrasts – with the rest of the image.

So keep these factors in mind … there will be times when you need to draw on them to turn a rather straight-forward image into one that stands out…….

You will see more examples of composition among the other lessons, so let’s head back to the main page for MORE.


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