Down by the River Boudoir

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Blog by Jada Parrish | Water

Photos by Shutter Goes Click


These days we live in such a screen-obsessed culture that the simplicity and beauty of the outdoors often get overlooked. Often times even when we are getting a breath of fresh air and spending time outdoors, we are still staring down at our phones documenting the experience instead of enjoying it.

Shutter Goes Click set out to photograph a shoot that where time slows down and the chaos of everyday life drifts away. There is such a relaxed and effortless feel to this series that it has me longing to adventure into the woods myself and soak in all the beauty of my surroundings.

The model is perfectly styled to evoke an almost “Adam & Eve / Earth Mother” feel which perfectly coincides with the goal for the shoot. The floral crown made of fresh greenery sets the look over the top and has me wishing for simpler days. This photo shoot truly is a breath of fresh air.


From the Photographer | We walked down to the river to remove ourselves from the daily monotony of neverending checklists, commuter traffic, and piled-up laundry. Leaving behind the daily grind, we now hear the flowing river, feel the cool water rushing atop our feet, and breathe in the fresh air. She takes in her surroundings. As she stands in front of my lens, she is radiant!



Photographer: Shutter Goes Click

Venue: Eno River State Park

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