Bridal Flower Themed Boudoir Shoot

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Blog by Catie-Reagan Palmore | Bridal

Photos by Yours Truly Portraiture

Begin to wake up to and see your connections to all things, but don’t be afraid to take your time. Life is not a sprint to some imagined finish line; there are no gold stars for hustling so hard that you miss the bigger, more beautiful picture. Move slowly, deliberately, and steadily with your growth, words, actions, and relationships. Move at your own pace because on the scale of your soul’s evolution, you have all the time in the world.

Here at Lace in Light, we are suckers for bridal boudoir shoots. The anticipation that comes in the days leading up to a bride’s big day is unlike any other. White lace has the magical power of looking elegant on everyone! To all my beautiful, wild, fearless, and inspiring sisters out there — keep moving forward, loving hard, and doing you!

Photographer: Yours Truly Portraiture | @yourstrulyportraiture

Lingerie: Forever 21 | @forever21

Florist: Kathy Forrest Design | @kathyforrestdesign

Watercolor Calligraphy: Ceindy Doodles | @ceindydoodles

Venue: The Studio at Chelsea Commons | @thestudioatchelseacommons

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