Boudoir on a Budget

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Edited by Jada Parrish | How To

Photos by Katherine Henry

For this shoot, the goal was to show boudoir on a budget! I hear a lot from my clients about the added cost of lingerie and wardrobe. Although I do offer my clients a closet they can “shop” in for their shoot I also wanted to show that they can go to some pretty common stores and find beautiful things – without breaking the bank!

When I’m looking for boudoir wardrobe I’m looking for many different things, but the main ones are colors, textures, and variety. I like seeing all the the different looks in a session so my clients have lots of options when it comes to selecting their final images for an album. I believe that with a little savvy shopping you can find some great deals out there!

My first stop was a store I probably go to weekly – Target! Have you ever walked by the lingerie area? Pretty darn cute! I scored this black bodysuit for $21! I mean you can’t beat that! I really like the texture on the front and how it photographs. I also found a bra set that was just under $25 total! The colors are pretty and the textures were great! I like the velvet on this since it is so on trend right now. The high waist was very cute as well!

My final look was the score of the century! I’m a huge fan of For Love and Lemons and bought some things of my own when I did a boudoir shoot myself, but I know they are pricey and not in all budgets. Did you know you can find them at Nordstrom Rack sometimes?! I found this panty that was original $101! Gorgeous, well made and totally worth it…but not for a budget shoot. Well, it was on clearance and marked down to $15 -I thought I was getting a deal! When I went to pay and the clerk at the counter rang it through as ONE PENNY my jaw dropped! Was it my lucky day or what?!

When shopping on the budget for a photo session also keep in mind sizing. If you find something that is a tiny bit large you may still be able to clip it and use it. My panty in this session was probably 2 sizes larger than what the model would normally wear, but we tucked and posed her in a way that it didn’t matter! Don’t be afraid to look on the sale rack for larger sizes than your go-tos, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Photography: Katherine Henry Boudoir

Makeup and Hair: tada

Model: Jackie

Wardrobe: Target, For Love and Lemons

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