23 Photographs of the Moon with Peace and Tranquility

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By: Darlene Hildebrandt


The moon and night sky is a mysterious thing. Photographs of the moon can be tricky, but done well can convey an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and calm. I love doing night photography and when you can get the stars, moon or the Milky Way it’s even better.

Enjoy these images of the moon and allow yourself to star gaze and be inspire

Moonlight shadows by Otto Ch. Hütter on

Bats under the moonlight by Weerapong Chaipuck on

Winter Night by Arild Heitmann on


Lunar Eclipse Over Mt Shasta R… by Sean Bagshaw on

Dying Earth by Michael Goh on

El Matadors View by Ted Gore on 500px

The Blood Moon by Timothy Green on

Road to Nowhere – Supermoon by Aaron Groen on

Golden Bay: When Night Falls by Yan Zhang on

Winding Owens by Nagesh Mahadev on 500px

BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON by Michelle Cobble on 500px

Storybook by Jeff Lewis on 500px

Pearly Gates to Nirvana by Yuga Kurita on 500px

The Polarizer by Miles Morgan on 500px


Moon by Uccio78 on 500px

(Okay that was a sneaky one – it’s not the moon but I think the image is great so I shared it)


Ancient Memories by Raza Durrani on 500px

The Old Bridge by Mostafa Hamad on 500px

with filter by Kajo_Kamil_Sadlon on 500px

Paying Reverence To The Rising Moon by Jeff Deveau on 500px

Halo by Michael Bollino on 500px

Flight from moon by Michael Priesch on 500px

Illuminate my Heart by Sherry Akrami on 500px

Pink Moon by MO AOUN PHOTO on 500px

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